Ismana Carney Tells True Story of “Fire Sisters” and Their Journey to Hope and Healing in Newly Released Book

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Readers will be engaged and enlightened by the true story about four brave women, “fire sisters”, and their experience with a powerful Fire Ritual, truth, light and Divine Wisdom on their journey to hope and healing.

Author, Ismana Carney, Ph.D., shares innovative personal healing practices grounded in ancient wisdom traditions that combine ecotherapy, indigenous ecospirituality, and Jungian depth psychology in her new book, Women’s Ways With Fire: Transforming the Self in the Heart of Nature.

Amidst a vibrant community of trees, rocks, herbs and honey, unseen but felt entities, the spoken word, and all creatures great and small, four women gather to discover themselves in ever deeper ways by participating in an Earth-centered Fire ritual.

Profound healing occurs for each woman as she prepares for, and incorporates into her being the transformative impact of engaging profoundly with Fire in both its elemental and metaphorical dimensions.

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In this beautifully written book, the ‘fire sisters’ share their transformation through poetry and journal narratives that are enriched by the author’s depth psychological analysis of their contents that reveals the almost otherworldly connection, the alchemical transformation occurring for each woman. Author Ismana Carney’s knowledge, training, and expansive awareness of Jungian depth psychology serves to magnify this magical process.

-Cynthia Gustin, M.A. Counselor, Santa Cruz, CA

Ismana Carney tells a compelling story of human transformation through the experiences of four women that illustrates the power and relevancy of earth-based healing techniques to address contemporary spiritual and psychological challenges in modern society.

-John K. Gamman, Ph.D., author of Overcoming Obstacles in Environmental Policymaking: Creating Partnerships Through Mediation
(State University of New York Press, Albany, 1994)

Ismana Carney’s Women’s Ways With Fire explores how participation in an earth-centered Fire ritual contributes to four women’s search for wholeness and wellbeing. She shares practices grounded in ancient wisdom traditions that combine indigenous ecospirituality and depth psychology. Her focus is the archetypally powerful element of Fire that transforms our lives, whether as destroyer or as life giver, and symbolically serves as the source of Divine wisdom, truth and light.

-Linda Buzzell, co-editor with Craig Chalquist of Ecotherapy:
Healing with Nature in Mind (Sierra Club Books, 2009)



Ismana Carney holds a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology. Her work is grounded in Jungian approaches to cultivating soul via Earth-centered rituals and transpersonal therapeutic practices. She teaches college courses in world history and religions, practices Sufism, and the Zen traditions of Buddhism. She has been involved with indigenous traditions for several years, and produces documentaries on Native American culture and spirituality.

Now available at

Format: 6 x 9 Paperback
Pages: 217
Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-478-71037-0
Publisher: Outskirts Press

Media Contact: Barbara Howard
Phone: 831-920-2759

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